the following literature contains profanity and violence. Do not read if any of the above offends you.

Chapter 2: The Venerated Evil

Part 1: Impulse

Geneva, Switzerland.
The Day After.

Claude rubbed his nose. It was itching. Hmmm. Maybe someone was thinking about him, you know, like the superstition.

He flicked his cigarette away. Nervousness was never a thing for him, yet he couldn't finish his cigarette because of his anxiety.

No, this was the last one in the shipment. If he could pull this off... Well, he'd be back to do another.

He motioned with his finger towards the others. Walking out of the shadows were two men, one scrawny, one medium-built, and a woman of a far-eastern background. Meet Sieg, Nieder and Cristy.

The two men wore movers' clothes and carried a large piece of glass, probably for a window replacement.

Nieder: "Careful, idiot, move slowly or you'll break it."
Sieg: "Hey, I built it, so yeah, I know what I'm doing."

They walked for a distance, then stopped in front of a "hummer" parked outside the cafe. They lit a cigarette and started smoking, careful not to drop the glass.

A man, sipping his coffee, looked up towards the hummer and stood up for a minute.
"They better not break that glass on my car, or I'll make them clean it with their teeth." A sexy brunette, wearing a silky white flowing dress and sitting across the small table looked up at him.
"What did you say, Baby?"
"It's nothing Linda." John reassured her, and sat back down.

Sieg traced his finger up the glass piece and pressed a tiny button hidden at the top-right corner. A thin blue line started scanning from the top of the glass piece and steadily made its way down to the bottom.

Claude walked towards the hummer, he walked perpendicular to the glass where he could see Linda and John directly through the glass. He looked with the corner of his eye towards Cristy, now wearing a waitress' dress and serving customers in the cafe. Claude stood next to the hummer door and immediately inserted a card into the side of the door. He retracted the bottom half of the card and it clicked silently, flashing with a faint blue light.

Nieder took a drag off his cigarette and turned around to look through the glass. What he saw was the image of the front-left side of the hummer frozen at the time when Sieg pressed the scan button.

Claude was standing right there on the opposite side of the glass. Yet he was invisible.

"Nice job." Nieder smiled.
"Danke." Sieg nodded.

A red light inside the hummer turned from red to green. Then immediately the lock flipped, and the card switched back to its normal position. Claude slipped the card back into his coat and opened the door to step inside just as Sieg and Nieder got done with their cigarettes.

Sieg pressed the button again and the image through the glass was real again.
They carefully walked away with the glass.

John looked up and cursed Nieder and Sieg with a broken German accent. Then suddenly, he stopped and squinted his eyes as he looked into his car. Claude lit a cigarette and saw John looking towards him.

Just then, Cristy tapped John's shoulder.
"Herr und Florein, would you like anything for..."
John stood up and pushed Cristy away.
"Out of my way! I have to stop them! They're stealing my... my..." John paused. He looked around. He stopped. "What? What am I?" He looked at his fiancÚ as she was calling out to him. "John? Are you ok? What were you saying?"

"Oh shit. I've been drugged. But how..." he thought to himself. Now his senses and abilities reduced to only sight and slow movement. He looked at Cristy. She looked worried. "Could it be this bitch drugged me? No she looks too stupid and simple."

Claude calmly pulled away and drove off with his new prize. "...I love Plan B's."