This site is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 years and above to play. This is a game that requires mature thinking, interaction and knowledge. If the language is too difficult for you to comprehend we recommend playing any other RPGs that are intended for all ages.

If you are under 18 years of age and feel that you can still play this game, please have a written consent of your parents sent to the King Of Spades and we may make an exception.


All rights, including copyright to the web design, code, storybook, rulebook and art in the website and its contents, are owned by TheKingOfSpades.com, or otherwise used by TheKingOfSpades.com as permitted by applicable law or the copyright holder. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast or transmit any text, code, literature, art, images, graphic, logo, button, icon and arrangement thereof for any commercial or public purpose without prior written permission from TheKingOfSpades.com or a copyright holder. You may not adapt, alter or create any of the material or information in this site or use it for any other purpose other than for your personal non-commercial use. You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes.

TheKingOfSpades.com reserves the right to use for its own purposes any material submitted to the site, including text, code, literature and images, either on the site or in any other form, including for publicity purposes. Any characters, biographies or Pioneer Legends that you post automatically become copyright of TheKingOfSpades.com.

TheKingOfSpades.com reserves the right to monitor submissions to the site and to edit or reject any submissions or characters that break any of the rules set.

If you are a party that suspects any type of infringement done by material from the website or caused by users submitting information to the website, e-mail to: developer@thekingofspades.com and we'll promptly investigate and deal with the suspected infringement, including removal of the infringing material and if neccessary deleting user accounts proven to be infringent thereof. ALL CASES ARE EXAMINED.

GameMasters are responsible to ensure that the following rules are met, if they find players excessively breaking these rules, they have the right to issue warnings and even kick players off, ban them, penalize them or delete Accounts as they see fit:

a) New players who are found using obvious copyright names are OBLIGATED to either reset their account with new credentials or e-mail: developer@thekingofspades.com and request a new name for their account. You may not use copyright images for your character portraits. You may however use a Super-being creation engine to create a portrait for your character.
b) You may not use profanity or harrassment of any type (including sexual). Many people regardless of age are sensitive to profanity.
c) Private rooms are made for private sessions. Use them. Public lewedness will be punished.
d) You may not use any discrimation against a race, sex, culture, nationality or religion as per the laws of the Government of Canada.
e) You may not create a character, write a bio or post a Pioneer Legend based on a copyright work. ALL material that you post must not constitute copyright infringement of other parties.
f) Registered accounts that have not completed their registration process (Setting your bio, attributes, skills and superpowers) are subject for deletion if not completed within a week.
g) Full accounts that have been idle for more than three months are subject for immediate deletion.
h) You may not exploit bugs (if you find a problem or a discrepancy in the game that you believe is not supposed to happen, e-mail the developer with a full description of the problem or discrepancy at bugs@thekingofspades.com , taking advantage of the bug and exploiting it will result in a temporary banning)
i) When you play, you are required to LOGOFF in order to properly notify the game database that you are not online anymore.
j) Shutting off the browser without logging off is illegal and players who are found idle for more than 10 minutes are assumed to have shut down their browser without logging off and are subject to be kicked off the server by a GameMaster and penalized upto 100 game minutes.
k) Players are not to request information from other players that are deemed "sensitive personal information" by those players. (This includes asking about a player's real sex, age, etc). Any such harrassment will constitute rule-breaking.
l) You may not play simultaneously with more than one character. Your computer may have several friends or family members play the game on, but at no time can one character own more than one King of Spades game account. This shall be enforced severely.

If you are a player and were witness to the breaking of any of the above rules and where a GameMaster was not present to witness, please e-mail your GameMaster and describe the situation to them where they will investigate promptly.


We try to ensure that information on our site is accurate, complete and up-to-date. In using this site, however, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions, which take effect on the date when you first use the site. Including not holding TheKingOfSpades.com responsible for damages caused by chatting, using information contained herein or in links found within the website.

At any moment these rules and conditions or code, text, material, literature (including story and rulebook) on the website may be changed, deleted, upgraded and modified as we see fit without notice, it's your responsibility to be checking for updates where it concerns you.

Without prejudice to your statutory rights, the site and all information, text, names, images, pictures, logos, links and icons and other materials (without limitation) are provided 'AS IS' and on an 'IS AVAILABLE' basis without representation warranty or endorsement, express or implied. In particular, we do not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of information provided on this site nor do we guarantee that use of this site will be uninterrupted or error-free.

In no event will TheKingOfSpades.com be liable to any person for any damage or loss that may arise from the use of any information contained in our site or players participating in the game, including, without limitation, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever arising from use or loss of use, data, or profits, whether in action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use of the site.

You should be forewarned that there are malicious users out there who may try to damage or steal your game account and even your personal machine. TheKingOfSpades.com is extremely strict towards account-thieves and hackers. Including and not limited to discontinuation of their accounts and/or prosecuting them by using the IP/DNS information collected by TheKingOfSpades.com server and using that in a court case on the charge of internet criminal activities.

Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms & Conditions, we will not be liable for claims relating to the functionality or availability of this site. There are constant down-times as the game is still in it's Beta-Testing stages and is in constant updating and database-upgrading.


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In the case of users illegally using HTML code in chat-rooms to insert links that you can click on to take you to malicious pages (including unsolicited advertising, pornography sites, hacking sites and virus sites) these will be dealt with severity and under all capabilities highlighted in the disclaimer section.
If you've seen users who have posted HTML links in chat-rooms that break the clause mentioned above, report it to: claims@thekingofspades.com


The code and software being used in the website is under constant change, testing and debugging. We are not responsible for down-time, data lost during database refreshes or any bug resulting from the coding of this system. The code used in TheKingOfSpades.com is strictly HTML, Flash (where available), JavaScript, VBScript and Active Server Pages. Data is stored in Session variables, not cookies for added security and speed (except where mentioned).

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Again, TheKingOfSpades.com reserves the right to change these any of its terms and conditions at any time by posting the changes we deem appropriate.

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