Guilds and Organizations

Implementation Update: 75% Complete

What are guilds and organizations?
Since your Super Ego is affiliated with a Team (usually), so is your Alter Ego affiliated with an organization or a guild, which is in turn mapped to a specific career or profession. True, you can work alone and still get the daily salary, but it would be better if you coordinate your operations with other experts of the same field as your own and sell services to others for even more commissions than just your salary.

Organizations will be divided into categories mapped to the different careers in the game. Here are some examples:

Organization TypeHQ SuggestionsCareerServices
Army/AirforceBoot Camp/AirstripMilitaryThey defend their nations against invaders and/or invade others'.
Police DepartmentApartment Bldg.Law EnforcementRespond to most crime situations such as assaults, hostage situations, etc. They arrest the criminals and throw them in jails.
Assassins/Thieves GuildMansionCrimeCoordinate and tend to projects, assassinations, etc.
MobVillaCrimeCartels and smugglers of drugs, weapons, priceless items, high-interest loans, etc. can work with pimps, thieves, assassins, etc.
CorporationApartment Bldg.BusinessCollects capital for new businesses or factories, may hires researchers and support/engineering personnel

The organization is not limited in the way it is formed, only limited to how much the employees can keep up with the services and filter illegitimate ones. The greatest challenge would be to coordinate all online employees and carter services efficiently in real-time.

You can be part of a Team and an Organization at the same time (they work exactly the same way, there's group memos, company vehicles, bank accounts and company HQs), but the only catch is, you cannot receive communications from one or the other unless you are in the appropriate mode. For example, if you are in normal mode, you can receive city-wide "service calls" from the office (a corporation) or the dispatcher (police department). But, you cannot receive any messages from your team since you are assumed to be asleep when you're not in mode. And vice versa. So if you think that you wouldn't be able to juggle super team-work and company work at the same time, you should probably quit one and concentrate on the other. (Perhaps you may stumble upon an Organization that operates services normally, but they also operate tactical, superhero/supervillain operations in a super team simultaneously).

Starting a new Organization
Go to the Recruitment Office (not like the Team Bureau for teams) to join a suitable organization in your city. If none can be found for your career, you may start a new one (there's no limit to how many organizations that can be in a city, but if the organization goes bankrupt, it will be disbanded).

Firstly, you sign up for a new Organization in the Chamber of Commerce (you will be told what Career it will be mapped to). And you have to be familiar with the rules of setting up a new organization: Only pioneers can register a new Organization, they do that at the Chamber of Commerce (yes, even mobs) and pay the government taxes everyday, and they can ONLY set up a new organization in the country of their ethnic origins, for example, unless you are American, you cannot start an organization in Chicago, your lower-leadership second in command and members, however, can be of any ethnicity. Unlike a team, you can have upto 50 members per organization. The organization you form will be mapped to your career, unlike teams. So for example, if you are a Journalist in London, the organization you form will be mapped to Entertainment and only entertainers in London can apply. If you are a detective in New York, the organization you form will be mapped to Law Enforcement in New York, and anyone of that career in that city can apply. This does not mean that you won't be able to receive communications from your team if you are in another country. You can stay in touch by cellphone, or if the organization is big enough, a new HQ can be based in another city and can be set up with a Radio Broadcasting System. Satcomms are unqiue only to teams, organizations cannot use them.

Service Numbers:
All organizations can be accessed by cellphone or phone booth through the general public to order services. The callers read the "Service Answering Message" and respond accordingly, either by leaving a message with a description of the services required, or by going to the HQ and talking to an employee there. If the potential customer chooses to leave a message, the rank 3 employees will be notified that a new memo is available, and they would check it and forward the message to the employees in charge of performing or producing the actual service.

Here are some examples of organizations in different Careers and possible "Service Answering Messages" and Job Descriptions...

The 4th Precinct (Law Enforcement)
A police department will probably have the following message: "If you are in an emergency, title your memo: 911 and then state your emergency and the location of the crime being committed and we will dispatch a unit ASAP. If you would like to hire a body guard, our Police trained body guards will guard you on call for $100 per minute." If the caller leaves a message entitled 911 (i.e. an emergency), the rank 3 person (dispatcher) will get notified and can choose to notify one or all police units in the area.

A good job description could be as follows:
"We are hiring top-notch police officers, detectives and SWATs to be part of our growing team of law enforcers in crime-rampant New York. If you are a police officer with good fighting and social skills, you may be the right man or woman for the job. All applicants should come to the 4th precinct offices in Brooklyn to get an interview, if you don't show up within 48 hours, we will cancel your job application. Hard working police officers will be assigned a partner and will be given a squad car to patrol the streets."

Assassins Guild (Crime)
On the other hand, an Assassins Guild will be totally different in how it presents its S.A.M.
The message: "Wanna get someone whacked? Leave your name and number and we will contact you with information (after doing a short background check on you of course) on where to meet your hired gun, knife or poison. We whack them all, religious figures, tv figures, diplomats, royalty. It's $15,000 for whacking royalty, $10,000 for diplomats and $5,000 for anyone else. We do cops for free. hehe."

Mike's Escort Service (Crime)
The company sets the welcome message as follows: "Welcome to Mike's Escort Service. We provide quality service around the clock. We have twelve gorgeous girls and guys to choose from and charge $150 per TU of service. Visit us in Room 3 of the Mike Residence in Brooklyn if you are interested, or leave a message with your address and the best time to be contacted if you prefer." Once a client leaves a memo, all people of rank 3 (e.g. of the title secretary) get notified and can choose to call an available prostitute or use a radio broadcast system to broadcast it to all prostitutes (that work for that organization) in the city.

For Mike's Escort Service, an appropriate job description could be:
"This is Mike's finest Escort Service. We are accepting applications for all prostitutes who have high charisma (over 50) and 100 points of seduction. We're also hiring a few pimps as well, each pimp is a level 3 and takes care of the services for his own group of escorts. Don't apply if you're not a Pimp or Prostitute."

Compton Corp (Business)
Here's an example of a business organization started by an entrepreneur. "Are you well defended against unwelcome visitors? Thank you for calling Compton Corp. The largest producer of defence systems in the world. The location of our headquarters is X degrees North, Y degrees West, visit us to shop around for the latest weaponry. If you require us to deliver and install weapons systems, we charge a small fee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also give free tours for kids of all ages in our large multi-million dollar factories."

Job Description: "We are hiring business-men and salespeople to advertise for our services and get more teams to defend their bases. If you are a scientist and are interested in developing weapons technologies for us, you can't apply here (because you are a scientist, not a businessman), but we will be happy to give you an interview in our base and hire you as support personnel"

London Frontiers Airlines (Travel)
"Thank you for calling London Frontiers Airlines. Our ticket prices are as follows: $10,000 - New York, $20,000 - Toronto, $25,000 - Chicago, $10,000 - Berlin. Add $10,000 for a first class ticket. You can pay any London Frontiers Airlines travel agent available in The Reception Office in Frontiers Airstrip, who will give you a ticket, and you should give that to the Attendant in the plane. Our planes are as follows: (First Class) Corporate Jet - F777 and F778 - Leaves any time.
(Economy Class) Passenger Plane - F788 - Leaves at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM every day.
Our pilots are all of more than 90 Points of Piloting and 50 Agility, so you can be sure to arrive at your destination without big TU penalties."

Brooklyn Hospital (Medicine)
"If this is an emergency. Mention 911 in your memo and the location of where you are and an ambulance will be right there with a group of highly trained paramedics. If you require an on-location visit from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist or Massage Therapist. Our prices are $100 per TU of Health, $50 per TU of Mental Stability and $25 per TU of morale restored. Poison or overdose cures are $500 per TU of intoxication restored."

TV Station (Entertainment):
(Not implemented) Actors, Movie makers, models and journalists can all take part in setting up a TV Station where they can broadcast movies and shows recorded by these people.

Sports Team (Entertainment):
(Not implemented) Sports teams are based in stadiums, and hires athletes and sports figures to train and compete against other Sports Leagues in sports matches.