The Eight Orders of Magik

The Realm: First thing you need to do after you decide on which Magik School to join is to travel to the school in the corresponding realm. (Check the table below)
The Quest: After you travel to the realm and meet with an official of the school, he or she will guide you to a trial quest which you must pass in order to be submitted to the school.
The Initiation: After passing and earning your first few points of the corresponding magical skill to compliment your Magik superpower, you will meet with the Arch-Magus who will initiate you into the school (method of initiation varies per school).
Apprenticeship: Once you have become officially inducted into one of the Eight orders of Magik, you will be assigned a master (possibly the Arch-Magus or an apprentice of theirs) who will personally guide you and teach you the arts of the craft. Note that this is neccessary in order to reach the 50 points of the required skill as there are no shops where you can "buy" your learning units as with conventional skills.
Mastering: Once you complete your apprenticeship you will be ready to use your skills in the real world. While there can only be one official Arch-Magus per order (except Tempestry, where there are two) those titles may be challenged for in the future, the same way that token holders can have the ownership of their tokens challenged by another Ascended One.

The Schools

School Realm Disciplines Arch-Mage Spellcasting
Wizardry Mideongras Generic magical arts, healing, wounding, etc. Drethen Darkbane Casting
Tempestry Lavendar Bay Control of the earth, wind and sea storms. Pancasila and Acies Steering
Chaotic Discordia Order's opposing force. Soterios Bylikos Provocation
Holy Magik The Vatican Blessings and supplication, healing, etc. Summoning of Angels. The Pope Supplication
Unholy Magik Venifices (Sorcery) Control of flames, fire and curses. Summoning of Demons. Lord Gideon Conjuration
Necromancy Venifices Control of the dead, resurrection, etc. Summoning of the dead. Dark Apostle Invocation
Elemental Magik New Isfa Focusing the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air into one force. Catianna Concoction
Tenebrae Lemuria (Randiant Magik) Control of light and summoning of radiant beings. The Radiant One Channeling