Superpower Guide
Primary Superpowers:
These powers are used as a primary attack/defence powers. They must be turned on when combat is anticipated.
The primary superpowers are:
Elemental: Cold, Water, Heat, Wind, Earth Control
Energy: Lazer, Plasma Generation. Sonic, Magnetic, Electricity Control
Mental: Psionic Control
Close-quarters: Fangs, Claws
Other: Toxic Waste

Displacement Superpowers:
These are superpowers that modify your distance in restrospect to a specific player or a specific location. It is executed by selecting the Approach command while in Super being mode and selecting your target. Some powers have exceptions or extra abilities associated with them.
The displacement superpowers are:
Flight, Extendible Limbs, Super Speed, Phasing, Teleport and Warp.

Although a displacement superpower, it doesn't have the ability to quickly approach another player, but does have the unique ability to walk through room (not building) doors.

Backup Superpowers:
Some of these powers do not usually need to be turned on in order to be activated. They are used as optional backup abilities during combat, tactical operations, surveillance even in training. Some backup superpowers not only do not require to be turned on but can also be used in either Super or Alter Ego mode.
The Backup superpowers are:
Extra-Sensory: Clairaudience, Claireverance, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Foresight, Empathy
Knowledge-expanding: Brainstorm, Machine Kinship, Transfer Knowledge
Para-Scientific: Hypnosis, Psychokenisis, Arrays
Other: Animal Affinity

The ability to transmit messages to any other player without the need to have a relationship with them or have cellphones. The only problem is, unless the other character has a means to communicate back with you, it only serves as a one-way communications link, also the target has no clue on who is sending these telepathic whispers, unless the target chooses to leave a signature (beware of liars!). The success of a telepathic message sent is proportional to the percentage of your Telepathic superpower abilities. Players can pick anyone to send messages to by click on Data - Player Stats - All Players/Show Online Players and finding the target player. Once selected, the message is typed and sent (you don't need to be in Super mode). 1 TU is removed from your Time Units allocation per 10 letters just like in cellphones, however, a complex calculation of Willpower is conducted thus: Standad Willpower penalty starts at 8 basic points per tele-message. A check is done on how close or how far the player is from you. If the player is in the same area or vehicle or room as you, the Willpower penalty is reduced by seven points (-7) in other words, a total of -1 Willpower for your character so far. If the player is not in the same place, but the same city block or location in the city/village, then the Willpower penalty is reduced by four (-4) instead of -7. If they're in another city block, penalty increases by +4. If the player is in another city, the penalty increases by +20 (therefore total penalty would be 28 points of Willpower). IF the player is in an entirely different realm, the penalty is increased by +50 (for a total of 58 penalty points. So you need to be sure to know at least where your target is located or have a close idea thereof. On the other hand, this can be useful in tracking down the character by reaching out with the power of your mind to see whether he or she is nearby or far away). Next, is a slightly more complicated check: Friendship. Many telepaths are known to use their arcane abilities to taunt the enemy, thereby reducing their morale, or lure the enemy into a trap by sending a fake distress signal, and so forth. On the other hand, a telepath who is connected to the target by a relationship, especially with a blood bond can send powerful positive vibes to the target, thereby increasing their morale. Therefore, it is imperative that you set the relationships of your enemies and friends, and try to seek out long lost or forgotten family members. Otherwise, you won't be able to tell the difference between the telepathic voice of a friendly or unfriendly person...

The next part of the Willpower penalty for sending Telepathic messages is calculated thus: +5 penalty if the target considers you an enemy and -5 if the target considers you a friend (note that the mode you are in matters in how much you get penalized. So if your Super Ego is considered an enemy by the target and your Normal mode is considered a friend, you must choose wisely on what mode to be in before sending the telepathic message. A message that the target receives as "unfriendly" will send a morale penalty to the target from 1-10%. And vice versa; if the target receives a telepathic message from a "friendly" voice, they will get a positive morale boost from 1-10%). If the target and source have a familial relationship connecting them (e.g. Husband and Wife, Father and Son, Niece and Uncle) then the Willpower penalty is reduced by half and the target gets a Morale boost from 1-20%. If the target has no relationship set for your character and ego, then the penalty goes up by +10 points and no morale damage or improvement is caused to the target. Finally when your Willpower penalty total is calculated, it is thrown on a random percentage roll of the average of your Determination and Telepathy percentage. So for example if your WU penalties reach 38 points and have a Determination of 80 and Telepathy of 50, the average is 65, say a random roll of the average yields 50%, that is thrown against 38 to give the grand total of 19 WU penalty.

Legendary Superpowers:
Unique superpowers that are difficult to acquire and have very powerful functionality. The legendary superpower, like the primary superpower, determines the true identity of the Super being.
The Legendary Superpowers are: Cybernetics, Shape-Shifting, Immortality, Invisibility, Magik, Animal and Insect Assimilation.

Miscellaneous/Rare Superpowers
These are unique powers that cannot be manually chosen during character creation but can be obtained in special quests designed to empower the player with the specific superpower. These powers often play an important part in determining the outcome of a battle or mission.
The Misc powers are: Hyper-Healing, Hyper-Strength, Hyper-Senses, Night-Vision, X-Ray Vision, Environmental Adaption and Shrinking.