Online Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Persistent RPG Free online browser-based massively multiplayer online RPG
1. Tutorial


Beginner's Guide---(Step by step guide in getting settled into New York city)
Actions Guide---(Your guide to the skill and superpower-related Actions in the game)
Combat Guide---(Step by step guide to the Approach and Attack commands)
Jobs and Careers---(Your guide to the jobs and career paths in the game. Their salary and skills)
Guilds and Organizations Guide---(Information on the difference between teams and guilds /organizations and how to join and set them up)
Quests and NPC Guide---(Your guide to setting up and managing Quests and Non-Player Characters)
Vehicles and Travel Guide---(Your guide to the vehicles and terrains in the game and the Coordinates System)
World Guide---(Your guide to the main cities in the game (not including Secret Coordinate, underwater and cloaked land))
Magik Guide--- (Your guide to the orders of Magik in the game (disciplines, realms and the arch-magi responsible for the orders))


Armor and Clothes---(Your guide to the clothes and armor in the game. Where to find them and what their properties are)
Buildings/Shops---(Your guide to the shops and buildings in the game and the cost to build them)
Devices/Tools---(Your guide to the devices, tools and gears in the game and their cost)
Drugs/Illegal Substances---(Your guide to the drugs, aid equipment and illegal substances in the game and their effects)
Furniture/Literature/Equipment---(Your guide to the furniture, literature and equipment in the game and their cost)
Superpowers---(Your guide to the superpowers in the game and how to use them)
Vehicles---(Your guide to the cars, boats and aircraft in the game and their purposes)
Weapons---(Your guide to the weapons in the game and their skills)
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